Änderungen an „Hello World“ in WordPress 2.9

Statt des üblichen „Hello World“ Artikels, wird es in der WordPress Version 2.9 wohl einen etwas anderen Standard-Post geben. So könnte er aussehen:

Welcome to WordPress! This is the first post of your website, generated automatically, and it contains important and useful information. After you read it, you can make it private to hide it from visitors but still have it handy for future reference.

First things first:

This will help you keep your WordPress site secure and up-to-date. When a new version is released, log in to the Dashboard and follow the instructions. Upgrading only takes a couple of clicks!

Now you can start enjoying the WordPress experience:

  • In Users › Your Profile you can edit your personal information.
  • In Plugins › Add New you can browse and install plugins.
  • In Appearance › Add New Themes you can browse and install themes.
  • In Settings › Permalinks you can modify and prettify your website’s links.
  • In Tools › Import you can import content from another system or another WordPress site.
  • In Posts › Add New and in Pages › Add New you can start publishing!

Thank you for selecting WordPress. Happy publishing!

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